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Community Engagement Session Anti-Alcohol Abuse Campaign at Moses Mabida TownShip ,Kirkwood , Mzamomhle Community Hall

This communique serve to inform that SRVM has been identified as a host of Anti Alcohol
Abuse Campaign by the EC liquor Board in partnership with Heineken. Therefore this serve
to invite you to the Community Engagement Session tht wil be held on 8th August 2017
Time : 10 am
Venue : Mzamomhle Community Hall , Moses Mabida Township

EC liquor Board in partnership with Heineken has identified the Sundays River fr the implementation of the education & awareness campaign to mitigate against the excessive consumption of alcohol .In seeking to toll out its alcohol abuse initiatives, ECLB approached
the SRVM to introduce their intention. The Municipality inveted a broad range of stakeholders within the Municipality to partipate at the consultative session in which ECLB & Heineken introduce their concept & sought the collaboration of various stakeholders in the
realisation of the set objectives within the Municipality.

As part of the engagement ,the ECLB sought to establish if the Municipality was affected by the abuse of alcohol and if thre was a need fr an intavantion in the area; and it consistently appeared tht thre was a need fr a concerted intervention in the area .Subsequent to the
introductory meeting, successive sessions were convened to concretise a programme of intervention & ensure tht all stakeholders were on board .Henceforth ,a collective of stakeholders hv agreed to roll out a comprehensive programme in the SRV ,which will involve community engagement & sporting programmes. There is a legitimate hope that this intervention wil make a dent in the reduction of harm tht is caused by the abuse of alcohol usage in our communities ,families etc

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