Budget & Treasury

In addition to providing senior managers with guidance and support regarding the implementation and compliance with the Municipal Finance Management Act and related Treasury Regulations, the directorate is in charge of providing strategic direction on financial planning, management, and accounting. Additionally, the directorate is responible of the following:

  • Establish/maintain an efficient and transparent system of financial management and internal controls to ensure sound financial control by developing, implementing and monitoring financial control systems;
  • Establish/maintain appropriate policies, systems and procedures to ensure effective and efficient management of resources by maintaining updated financial guidelines and ensuring adherence to these policies & procedures;
  • Prepare financial statements for each financial year in accordance with the generally recognised accounting practices by ensuring the production of financial reports of the Municipality as well as providing oversight and management of reconciliations of sundry and suspense accounts;
  • To control and manage the effective utilisation and training of staff.
  • Ensure that revenue and expenditure of the Municipality are in accordance with internal controls (budgets) and legislative prescripts governing finance within the Municipality by maximising revenue collections, optimising expenditure, monitoring cash flow as well as ensuring that expenditure is within allocation limits;
  • Effective management of Supply chain management and ensuring compliance with legislation
  • Reduce outstanding debts.
  • Ensuring all funds received are accounted for.
  • Improve debt collection rate in line with National Norms.
  • Reduce debt turnaround period in line with National Norms.
  • Enhance revenue base continuously.
  • Enhance financial management practices within Sundays River Valley Municipal jurisdiction to sustain the institution as a going concern.
  • Ensure receipt of funds published in DORA.
  • To ensure that the municipality maintains its Unqualified Audit Report status.
  • Strengthen oversight functioning – performance of SDBIP and Supply chain management
  • To ensure the financial viability of the Municipality through:
  • Maintaining an updated General Valuation roll
  • Billing all properties on the General Valuation Roll billed for rates
  • Municipal Services are correctly measured and billed.
  • Tariffs are modelled on cost recovery.

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