The Infrastructure Planning And Development

The Infrastructure Planning and Development directorate is in charge of creating and implementing policies, procedures, and plans to acquire and maintain the infrastructure capacity needed by the Municipality in order to deliver high-quality services to the community. It also makes sure that the resources at the Municipality’s disposal are fairly distributed among all areas of operation in order to improve service delivery for the benefit of the general public.

The directorate is to be also responsible for the following: 

  • Provide, Upgrade and Maintain acceptable water and sanitation infrastructure.
  • Provide approved building plans and site inspections.
  • Ensure effective electricity distribution to consumers (Develop and implement monitoring mechanisms for provision of electricity by Eskom);
  • Provision of effective repairs and maintenance of municipal infrastructure.
  • Management of all sewer plants and operations
  • Ensure compliance to building maintenance regulations as per National Building Regulations.
  • Ensure compliance to building health regulations;
  • Construction and maintenance of roads and storm water infrastructure;
  • Review of water services development plan.
  • Initiation, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Capital Projects.
  • MIG, EPWP, INEP, WSIG & OTP is utilised effectively and efficiently.
  • Processing of land use development applications I.e rezoning, consent use, exemptions certificates
  • Ensure building plans are approved according to the NHBRC
  • Township Establishments
  • Land disposals, Land Audit
  • Ensure compliance of SPLUMA
  • Formalising informal settlements
  • Housing Sector Plan
  • Reviewing of the Housing Needs Register
  • Reviewal of the Spatial Development Framework
  • Street lighting maintenance
  • Electricity upgrade
  • Electricity Connections to Households

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