The Office Of The Municipal Manager

The Sundays River Valley Municipality’s administration is led by the Municipal Manager, who incorporates all the municipality’s various constituent parts into its strategic and operational goals. According to the terms of the Structures Act and the Systems Act, the Municipal Manager is entrusted with the following legal obligations as Head of the Administration.

  • To form and develop an economical, effective, efficient, accountable and performance driven administration for the municipality in accordance with the provisions of Section 51 of the Systems Act.
  • To manage the provisions of services to communities, residents and ratepayers in a sustainable manner.
  • To control and manage the effective utilisation and training of staff.
  • To maintain discipline of staff.
  • To promote sound labour relations and compliance by the municipality of applicable labour legislation, conditions of service and collective agreements.
  • To advise the structures and functionaries of the municipality.
  • To manage the communication between the municipality’s administration and its structures and functionaries.
  • To carry out the decisions of the structures and functionaries of the municipality.
  • To administer and implement the municipality’s By-laws and other legislation.
  • To implement national and provincial legislation applicable to the municipality.
  • To facilitate participation by communities, residents, ratepayers and other stakeholders in the affairs of the municipality.
  • The Municipal Manager of Sundays River Valley Municipality has direct responsibility for the following areas:
  • Oversee the implementation and maintenance of the municipality’s integrated development plan (IDP) to ensure the proper execution of the IDP.
  • Performance Management
  • Special Programmes (Youth, Gender and Disabled)
  • Performance Management
  • Local Economic Development.
  • Communications

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