The Executive Mayor of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality Cllr Deon De Vos together with the Speaker of SRVM Council Cllr Siseko Nodonti and ward councillor for ward 4, Cllr Lunga Baka led the district’s Mandela Month event Paterson on Thursday, 27 July 2023.

This year’s Mandela month was celebrated under the theme “it is in your hands,”

where institutions and individuals are encouraged to clean, plant, feed and sustain.

This event was hosted in partnership with the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment and SRVM. 

These stakeholders planted trees, and handed over gardening equipment, seeds, and plants, as well as a printer to Moreson Primary School.

The executive mayor of Sarah Baartman District Cllr. Deon De Vos asked learners to take good care of the trees, because trees are the source of oxygen. 

“I urge you to look after these trees and promote the wellbeing of these trees for future generations,” he added.

The second phase of the event took place at Sinako Community Hall in Paterson where members of the community gathered to listen to the Executive Mayor and access services on wheels. 

SRVM also planted trees in different areas across the Valley on Mandela Day under the theme: “27 trees for 27 years”. 

This activity was led by the newly elected Mayor of SRVM Cllr. Solethu Lucas and other members of the council. 

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